Getting it right for any project is critical, and so it is for drug discovery. We offer several drug discovery services for small-molecule drug discovery to help you start and advance your research projects. Whether your biological target is known or new, our team can help you find and develop novel small molecules against your target and advance your research programs quickly. We put at your disposal scientists with years of R&D experience and well versed in modern discovery techniques to find, design and develop potential small-molecule drug candidates based on your desired mode of action (i.e., allosteric, catalytic, protein-protein interaction) against the target. Our discovery research services include:


Finding hits with the right attributes to start a drug discovery program is crucial. With millions of commercially available compounds and a plethora of chemical providers, finding and selecting the right compounds for your assays can be a daunting, time consuming, and expensive task. Our team can use modern computational approaches to identify compounds (hit- and lead-like) and/or compound collections for screening against your assays and targets of choice (i.e., enzymatic, cell-based) to find promising hits while keeping costs low. Active compounds are selected based on synthesis feasibility, costs, risks, mode of action, druggability potential, potential liabilities (i.e., ADME, Tox, solubility, druggability) and intellectual property (i.e., patent space, utility, mode of action, composition of matter).


Many known and newly discovered biological targets are associated to one or more diseases. Hit compounds coming from biological assays confirm the potential druggability of the biological target and are a great starting point initial SAR studies (hit to lead). However, the way a hit compound interacts with a biological target (mode of action) is not always clear. We devise strategies to elucidate and validate the mode of action of a hit compound. And we go beyond that. For clients wanting new active molecules that can interact via a new mode of action against a particular biological target, our team of medicinal chemistry-molecular modeling experts design small molecules to fit the desired molecule-target interaction criteria.


To avoid wasting time and resources pursuing erroneous compounds, we resynthesize hit compounds to ensure that their chemical structure is correct and that the observed biological activity is not due to impurities or by-products. Our scientists use their ample R&D experience to design and identify hit-related compounds (i.e., direct analogs, bioisosteric replacements) with lead-like attributes (i.e., permeability, water solubility) to quickly gain an early SAR (i.e., potency, selectivity) and identify the best candidates and synthetic routes for further optimization. We also offer our expertise in compound library synthesis to provide fast and cost-efficient access analogs of interest, explore and claim chemical and biological space.


We provide our years of medicinal chemistry expertise to improve the chemical, biological and druggability profile of lead compounds. We optimize for potency, selectivity, molecular properties, cell permeability, ADME/Tox, pharmacokinetic profiles, desired mode of administration, formulation, etc. Our scientific and operational workflows allows for fast prioritization, maximum resource utilization, and just-in-time actions to minimize waste, make quick decisions and reach goals quickly.

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