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Keith began his career by working in the formulations department at Dow Agrosciences. This was where a love for chemistry began, as he graduated with a degree in Biology, and where he developed and honed his laboratory skills. In January, 2012 he started working with Cogent in the normal phase chromatography flash lab. With his hard-work ethic and ability to learn new processes quickly, he set himself apart and became well trusted by Cogent clients.

After working in the flash lab for nearly a year, he was given the opportunity to move to the open-access lab where he excelled doing HPLC and reversed phase flash purifications. His leadership and mentoring skills were rewarded with a promotion to team leader in February of 2014.

Keith has learned many purification techniques and has excelled at being efficient in each technique. He has expert knowledge in normal phase and reversed phase flash chromatography. He has been creative and innovative, which has allowed him to excel running HPLC purifications and large scale normal phase method development. He has shown his ability to learn quickly in the chiral lab where he mastered two purifications instruments. Keith has also processed samples for the APL lab. This required him to learn how to use a couple of automated liquid handlers, which he picked up very quickly in a time of need. He has shown the desire to grow and become a large contributor in several different areas. With his ability to master several types of purification techniques, he is able to train and assist several labs to account for changing work flows.

Keith graduated from Indiana University in 2008 with a B.A. in Biology. In 7 years in the professional industry, he has gained valuable experience as a chemist and has become a very large asset to Cogent Professionals


Stephanie Bartlett is currently serving as the Analytical Chemist IV, Team Leader for the Chiral Purification group and has been since June 2014. Stephanie initially began her career as a contract chemist with VMC working on site at Eli Lilly and Company in the fully integrated remote access Automated Synthesis Lab. During her employment with VMC, her work ethic and skills were noticed by Cogent and offered a position. Stephanie joined Cogent in November 2011 as an Analytical Chemist working with the Physical Properties group in the Solubility and Stability lab. She joined the Chiral Purification lab in July 2012. Stephanie has excelled in all areas she has worked in largely due to her willingness to both learn from and help her peers and colleagues.

During her employment with Cogent Professionals, Stephanie has gained valuable knowledge and experience working with both the Solubility and Stability and the Chiral Purification Groups, furthering her proficiencies in sample preparation, method development, trouble shooting, LCMS, HPLC, and SFC. Her combined education and professional experiences have helped develop Stephanie into a top notch chemist with the ability to adapt to the situation while producing results.

Stephanie was born and raised in Anderson, Indiana. She graduated from Anderson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry in 2009. She was immediately selected by her professors for an accelerated Masters of Business Administration program with Anderson University and graduated in 2010.


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